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Liam Vincent

Raised by his Irish grandmother, Liam was surrounded by traditional music at home and when the family came to visit so did musical instruments of various shapes and sizes.

Encouraged by his uncles,Liam started playing guitar when he was 12, gardening and mowing lawns in exchange for guitar lessons from a local session musician.

Adolescent rebellion kicked in hard, and he spent 20 years or so playing Punk, Indie and Rock in a number of gigging bands, and ended up setting up the UK’s hardest working function band. 

After the shock of losing his grandmother, Peggy, in 2015, he was drawn back to his roots and a simpler way of doing things.  He heard the traditional music of his youth differently and replaying all the Ronnie Lane, Saw Doctors and Counting Crows records introduced to him by his Dad, shaped the sound of his songs.

Writing songs that work in any setting - whether that's an intimate acoustic show or a full-on driving gig with a band – is a challenge and that is where The Odd Foxes come in...


The Odd Foxes

David Walls (Mandolin) - Liam & David first met in 1997 when David was looking for a 2nd guitarist for his band Spirits One80. They have been working together on various projects ever since.

Rebecca Mileham (Fiddle) - As well as violin, Rebecca plays piano and sings as a solo performer and in her duo Read & Write.

Rebecca & Liam attended the same free thinking, hippy school in Leamington Spa.

Jack Nejzer (Electric Guitar) - Liam's cousin Jack plays electric guitar and creates melodies that lift the songs up, and drive what the other instruments do.

Tom Caswell (Bass) - Tom has worked with a wide range of musicians on everything from original material to hair metal tribute bands. Tom and Liam play together in Fraudio - in one of the country's top function bands.

Graham Brown (Drums) - Graham and Liam first met in 2011 when Liam was looking for a drummer for Fraudio. They spent the next few years taking that band from a Warwickshire pub band to one of the busiest function bands in the country. Graham can also be found behind the kit for bands such as Cairo and The Paradox Twin.

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